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What We’re Looking For


We’re looking for real people to model for us — everyday normal people doing everyday things. Everyone is welcome! Here are some examples of what we’re looking to shoot:

  • Families at home or around town
  • Entrepreneurs and creatives in their workspaces
  • Groups of friends socializing
  • Senior citizens defying age stereotypes
  • Couples together at home or on a night out

If you own a business we’re happy to work with you. You can use our photos to promote your business with display advertising, print or web marketing. Whether you own a coffee shop, restaurant, retail store, or medical office, please get in touch.

What You’ll Get

Your images will be edited and delivered to you as high-res JPGs via DropBox within 2-3 weeks. You’re free to use them for yourself — on social media, on your website, or in your own modeling portfolio.

What It Costs

Nothing. Zip. Nada. We work on a trade basis that makes everyone happy: You get awesome free photos for your website and social media, we get cool commercial images to license to our clients. Our licensing fees pay for the cost of the shoot. It’s win-win.

What We Require

Anyone who appears in our photos must sign an industry-standard model release (and sometimes a property release) to allow us to license the images to advertisers. Your images could be used in product and service advertising, blogs, or news stories anywhere in the world. Here are some examples of our work in action

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