Let’s Show Detroit in a Better Light

Even though it’s America’s great comeback city, Detroit doesn’t always get shown in the best light — and we’d like to do something about that. As contributors to major image libraries sourced by international newsrooms, blogs, and advertisers, we have some influence in how Detroit might be portrayed by the media.

This summer we want to celebrate the positive growth happening in Detroit by spotlighting young entrepreneurs and creatives. Freelancers and startups are flocking to the Motor City to grow their businesses in record numbers, and we’re eager to help these men and women shape the media’s perception of what it looks like to be a modern-day success story in Detroit.

Join us in Detroit

One of our business photoshoots in South Africa
One of our business photoshoots in South Africa
What We’re Looking For

Are you a freelancer, entrepreneur, or artist working in Detroit, Michigan? Do you have access to a great co-working space or creative studio in the Motor City? We want to work with you.

What You’ll Get

We’ll schedule a day to come photograph you and your team at work in Detroit. Your images will be edited and delivered to you as high-res JPGs via DropBox within 2-3 weeks. You’re free to use them to promote yourself, your work, and your workspace. Check out some recent business shoots we’ve produced around the world.

What It Costs

Nothing. Zip. Nada. We work on a trade basis that makes everyone happy: You get awesome free photos for your website and social media, we get cool commercial images to license to our clients. Those licensing fees pay for the cost of the shoot. It’s win-win.

What We Require

Anyone who appears in our photos must sign an industry-standard model release and property release to allow us to license the images to advertisers. Your images could be used in product and service advertising, blogs, or news stories anywhere in the world. 

Book Your Shoot

Drop us a line to get in touch with a local producer to schedule your shoot. We’ll be shooting in Detroit through the middle of October 2017.




Tell us about your work in Detroit. Include any relevant links or social media profiles.